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Navigating Healthy Change~your journey to a smoke-free life

~I believe every person can grow, learn, transform and succeed and most importantly flourish~

Hi, I’m Sandra O’Reilly Duncan​

As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, my passion centers around working with people and helping them flourish to live their healthiest life. I completed a Master’s in Health Psychology, and I have a certificate in Intensive Tobacco Cessation Counselling.  I am also a Certified Tobacco Educator. I have been working in Health Promotion and behaviour change over the past fifteen plus years.

Over the last fifteen years, it has been my privilege to coach and work with people on their personal goals and pursuits as they strived to live a healthier life. A few of the focus areas I‘ve worked on with clients included: stress management, relaxation, adopting a physically active lifestyle, quitting smoking, and work-life balance.

For nine of those latter years, I worked in smoking cessation for our local Government. I designed, delivered, and evaluated smoking cessation programs and workshops for adults. As a health and wellness coach, I also worked one-on-one with clients striving to live a smoke-free life.

Over the years, working with hundreds of clients and keeping abreast of the latest research and practices in behaviour change, I have discovered what is essential and necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In this coaching program, ‘Navigating Healthy Change - your journey to a smoke-free life,’ I have implemented evidenced-based techniques and strategies to guide you through the change process. I utilize best practice guidelines for smoking cessation and employ a cognitive behavioural coaching approach and other evidence-based coaching methods.

There is a big difference between trying to quit smoking versus making a healthy lifestyle change that positively impacts and supports living smoke-free. 

Freedom to live in the moment is only an online coaching program away!

Transform your low energy, feelings of being overwhelmed and living less than the optimum quality of life to one filled with enhanced coping strategies, increased energy combined with improved control over your health choices. Leaving you empowered for living your healthiest and best smoke- free life. 


Why invest in your health and a smoke-free future now?
You can take back control of your life and live free
Imagine not having to think about when your next work break is or where the nearest exit is so you can have a smoke. Freedom from nicotine allows you to be in control of your destiny and break the chains that hold you back.
You can regain your daily energy

Taking back your energy and using it to be the best version of yourself can be inspirational. Having the energy to do what you love increases overall well-being, not to mention happiness.
You can breathe easier.
48 hours after your last cigarette, the strain on your heart from Carbon Monoxide is lifted and within 72 hours your lungs begin to rejuvenate.

Have you tried quitting smoking several times without complete success, yet learned something valuable along the way?

Quitting smoking is a process and sometimes a long process. The great thing is that you learn things about yourself and the process of quitting with every attempt. Your intentions are to be recognized as your efforts demonstrate that quitting is important to you, so congratulations on your past efforts on trying to be smoke- free!

As a smoker, are you noticing that procrastination seems to ramp up as your quit date draws closer? Do you quickly lose sight of why you wanted to quit in the first place as anxiety skyrockets and motivation weans? Are you mentally and emotionally consumed with wanting your next cigarette, so much so that living in the moment is not obtainable? Are you tired of feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and utilizing smoking as a coping strategy for controlling stress and anxiety? Are you fed up with hiding the fact that you still smoke from friends and family? Are you starting to recognize and notice health concerns? At the end of the day, is there constant friction between personal priorities and action?

If any of these scenarios seem to fit your perspective lately, you are not alone.

The good news is if you are like most smokers, you’ve been thinking about making a healthy lifestyle change for a while now, perchance even years. Possibly you are feeling ready to take a holistic approach that directly involves quitting smoking and beyond.

Most smokers move towards a quit attempt with the best of intentions. They do a lot of things right while thinking about quitting. They set a quit date and arrive on that day with great hopes of getting through it. The problem is many skim over the preparation stage or only stay there for a brief moment. They jump into action without a plan and end up surrendering to the withdrawal symptoms or the strong cravings by mid-day coffee break. Many people don't know how to make a lifestyle change they over-look the most important stage of behaviour change and enter battle unarmed.

Successful quitters have embraced a few things that have led to their success. Firstly, they embrace that quitting is a process and involves an all-encompassing lifestyle change. A process that will help them remove the biggest threat to their health. Secondly, they have taken the time to explore what is involved in every stage of change and the tools necessary to move them forward. They have also made themselves and their health a top priority and provide themselves with the time and energy needed to make the most important lifestyle change they will ever make.

The most important reason people are successful is also the greatest challenge behind making a lifestyle change. The challenge of becoming smoke-free and successfully obtaining that goal is directly linked to making yourself a priority and taking the time and energy to invest in your health today. 

Becoming smoke-free is hard! If you put it off for another 6 months or a year, it’s still going to be hard.

So why not try to live smoke-free sooner rather than later?

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Navigating Healthy Change - your journey to a smoke-free life

An 8-week online coaching program 

Navigating Healthy Change is a user-friendly online coaching program designed for folks who want to make a healthy lifestyle change that involves quitting smoking—created for those struggling to make themselves and their health a priority. This coaching program provides the opportunity to check in with your values and explore your strengths. It also guides you through a process full of self-discovery, strategies, and resources to help you live a smoke-free life as you begin to carve out a lifestyle full of energy, self-compassion, and the tools to thrive.

Over our 8 weeks together, you will:

  • Actively take part in transformational coaching sessions designed to help you foster change. 

  • Experience engaging online learning, so you can grow, improve and thrive.

  • Obtain the skills and mindset to be successful and roll with resistance

  • Increase self-efficacy to master your focus areas with confidence

  • Receive the tools, templates, and real-world practice to set you up for a healthy smoke-free future.

This virtual 8-week evidence-based coaching program covers 5 learning modules and offers 6 live group coaching sessions. Each weekly module is released on Monday. Scheduled Group coaching sessions also take place on Monday and start in week two. The program includes videos, downloadable tools, skill-building and reflective exercises, along with a few assessments.

Here's what is in the program:


5 weekly online video modules

These learning modules are full of

content with best practices for

behavioural change, along with

strategies to guide you smoothly

through the process. The modules

are offered in weeks 1 through 5.

6 weekly live coaching sessions
The 60-minute live coaching sessions start on week two. We will discover and explore your values, priorities, and healthy life vision through a respectful and collaborative relationship. At the same time, it provides a process that fosters self-awareness, personal growth, and transformation.

Personal growth activities:

Designed to complement the videos, providing time to reflect and deepen your knowledge and real-world experience.

Templates and Tools
In a downloadable format, developed to help you practice new skills and further implement a new mindset moving forward

You will experience engaging online learning as you move towards being smoke free!

Module # 1: Getting up close and personal with your healthy life vision

– heading towards wellness rebalanced and living smoke-free.

The journey begins with a bird’s eye view of your values, priorities, and strengths as we focus to create a guiding vision for your future healthy life.

You will explore:

  • What your life could look like when you are living it to the fullest, healthy, well and functioning at your absolute best. A valuable exercise to kick-start your healthy smoke free future.

  • Your personal authentic signature strengths and discover how to maximize these gifts to reach your individual potential.

  • A wellness assessment to assist you in streamlining your healthy life vision.

You will receive:

  • Coaching agreement

  • Templates: Healthy life vision tool

  • Assessments: Quickly well-being, Strengths, 

  • Activities: Strengths assessment 

Module #2: How to leverage your capacities- while harnessing your inner potential

With your healthy life vision in mind, we take a deep dive into where you are now and begin to bring attention to the areas of focus you want to put your energy into. Focus areas that will bring you closer to your healthy life vision while aligning your priorities with your actions.

You will:

  • Strategically focus your wellness efforts to maximize your success.

  • Utilize a focus tool to guide and develop your wellness plan for optimum outcomes

  • Create realistic and attainable action steps that will move you toward your desired result

  • Address your readiness for change in each focus area so you can plan accordingly and thrive

You will receive:

  • Templates: Healthy life focus tool, weekly action tracker and review tool

  • Activities: Wheel of life, bubble map, menu of options

Module 3: Nicotine - from the effects of nicotine on your body to relapse prevention, and everything in between

Expanding your understanding of the properties of nicotine along with the cessation resources and options available can further guide your quit plan. Recognizing the positive changes in your body will provide purpose and confidence for your smoke-free journey. While further increasing motivation for moving forward as you design your new life with smoking in the rear-view mirror.

You will:

  • Explore ‘nicotine on the brain’ and the integral workings of how it gets you hooked.

  • Delve into the grasp of the psychological addiction, and the pull of physical dependence

  • Uncover what really happens to your body when you quit smoking so you can celebrate and reap the health benefits

  • learn realistic strategies to address post cessation weight gain concerns

  • Intentionally plan for withdrawals, slips and relapse prevention.

  • Take a closer look at Nicotine replacement therapies and medications, helping you make an informed decision.

You will receive:

Templates: If I were to relapse, high risk situations, reduction tracker

Handouts: info on the nicotine patch, info on nicotine gum, info on nicotine lozenges 

Module 4: Healthy habits – Strategies to adopt or eliminate habits as you change your lifestyle

Fostering healthy habits can free your mind and energy, leaving you with vigour and desire to focus on your priorities and goals for a healthier future.

You will explore:

  • The power of habits, the transforming role they can play in your day to day life helping you live healthier.

  • A systematic four-step process that will set the groundwork for lasting behaviour change.

  • How habit stacking can be a positive approach to maximizing your existing healthy habits.

  • The value of utilizing action prompts, so you can maximize your new healthy habits.

  • Four things you can do to help you eliminate an unwanted habit or adopt a new habit 

You will receive:

Activities: Cue exposure tracker, Habit Stacking,

Module #5: Stress & Coping – Relax your body, and your mind will follow

Cultivating positive coping mechanisms and exploring new and effective relaxation techniques will leave you energized and resilient for your future.

You will explore:

  • A cognitive behavioural model of stress and how it really impacts us at a holistic level

  • Stress management and coping strategies, techniques to restore energy and optimism

  • 4 relaxation techniques that will change your perspective, leaving you relaxed and in control of your day

  • Stress management practices and skills you can bring into the real world and reap the benefits.

You will receive:

  • Activity: Relaxed breathing 

You can breathe easier, knowing you are in control of a healthier destiny.

What is possible in YOUR life after you become smoke-free for good and adopt a healthier lifestyle?









In Navigating Healthy Change, you will have the strategies, tools, support, and guidance to create a smoke-free life, a transformation like no other.

Focusing on your success and the tools that guided your progress, you can continue to design a future full of health and wellbeing.
Peace of mind that your actions have eliminated your number one health risk for a healthy future

Register for 

Navigating Healthy Change-

your journey to a smoke-free life



As a bonus you will receive a downloadable pdf ‘living smoke-free journal’, full of colouring pages that provide a fun way to reduce stress, tips to help reduce cravings and simple solutions for dealing with procrastination.  



Join us!


Option 1

$697.00 (cad) - Course + Group coaching

One time only COVID sale – price reduced to $450

Option 2

$785.00 (cad) – Course + Group Coaching

1 one-on-one Coaching session

One time only COVID sale - price reduced to


Our Guarantee

I am in the business of creating courses that create results. If you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have on your life, if for any reason. We will refund your tuition 100% within the first  7 days of the program. No hoops,  send me an email. 





Navigating Health Change - your journey to a smoke-free life starts soon.

Once you click on the button above you, you will be taken to secure checkout. After your registration is complete, you will receive an email receipt. On the day after registration, the program login information will be sent to the email you provided during registration. 

It's your time!



Sandra O'Reilly Duncan

Yukon, Canada


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