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Wellness Rebalanced coaching 

Perks of rebalancing your wellness:
  • Feel more energized and focused 
  • Adopt healthy habits
  • Benefits from effective stress management strategies
  • Mindful mindset-shift
  • Increased self-efficacy for change
  • Self-compassion
  • Enhanced coping strategies 
  • Better sleep
  • Improved control over your health choices
How rebalancing works:
  • Develop a personalized wellness plan
  • Create a well life vision 
  • Longlasting healthy lifestyle changes start with small attainable goals
  • Build your toolkit for thriving
  • Support & Guidance to explore your healthiest self
Your personal rebalanced plan will include:
  • Six weekly one-hour coaching sessions online through zoom
  • Tools & resources to thrive and live your healthiest life 
  • Goal setting with a purpose
  • Stress management strategies
  • Healthy habit practice
  • Relaxation techniques
  • mindfulness practice
Reduce stress and re-focus your energy on your health!

Wellness Rebalanced
Coaching Package
Six Week
Get started today!
Imagine being able to ...
  • Have the energy to do the things you enjoy
  • Have strategies to manage your stress
  • A toolkit of positive coping strategies 
  • Relax when needed
  • Live a more mindful life
  • Embrace an attitude of gratitude
  • Be the healthiest version of yourself 


Hi, I'm Sandra O'Reilly Duncan


Join me for a journey of self-discovery and active learning as you increase confidence and self-efficacy for dealing with unmanaged stress. While closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your health and wellness.

I will provide you with tools, employ evidence-based strategies while utilizing best practices for health- behavioural change. It is all designed to assist you in reaching your healthy living goals for living your best life.

Are you ready to de-stress, re-energize and gain a sense of calm?
Is this coaching experience right for you?
  • You are ready for a step-by-step road map to guide your efforts 
  • You are committed and ready to reach your health goals
  • You are keen to see what's next for you and your healthy lifestyle
  • You are ready to re-focus your energy from stressed out and exhausted to living life full of purpose and calm
If you are ready to become the healthiest most vibrant version of yourself?
Let the journey begin!
Six Week
Wellness Rebalanced

Coaching Package

$375.00 cad


My coaching approach is shaped by evidence based practices and behavioural change theories, designed for results.  If you are not satisfied with the approach or the potential impact it will have on your life.

I will refund your fee 100% within the first  7 days of the coaching package. No hoops,  send me an email. 

It's your time,
Sandra Duncan
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